Virgin Mojito

This citrusy and refreshing non-alcoholic drink is always a big hit in family parties where kids are around. This refreshing drink is bubbling with sweetness and has goodness of fresh lime and mint leaves.

Of course you can add some rum and prepare a alcoholic version but I assure you that this non-alcoholic version tastes great too!

Here is what we will need for this recipe-

1/2 lime

1/2 lemon

7-8 mint leaves

2 teaspoon powdered sugar


Club Soda

Slice lime thinly.

Roll lemon a few times to help release juice faster. Cut the lemon in to two.

In a tall glass, take 5-6 slices of lime.

Then add juice of half lemon.

Add 7-8 mint leaves.

Add 2 or 3 teaspoon of powdered sugar. You can use normal sugar too and also adjust the quantity of sugar as per your choice.

Gently muddle for 10-15 seconds to release the essential oils from mint leaves and to mix the flavors of lime, lemon and mint!

Add crushed ice till the glass is 3/4th full.

Then add club soda till the glass is almost full.

With the help of bar spoon or any spoon with long handle, gently stir to mix all the flavors and serve chilled!


Please check out recipe on our YouTube channel-

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For recipe in Marathi-


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